We receive a lot of questions about the Macadam Company Fire Truck. We know that some questions are from guys who, like us, were fascinated with fire trucks; people who maybe always wanted to own or drive their own fire truck. But there are others who just didn’t understand why having a fire truck made sense for a paving and asphalt company. In many ways, maybe it doesn’t make sense at all.

The story is simple. Mark always wanted a fire truck. One day, when he was at a vehicle auction, an old 1977 MACK truck fire truck from Lancaster came up for sale. Still had it’s bells and sirens, and the water pumps worked, too. As a bonus, it was cheap. Really cheap. So he bought it.

But, the question remains: What would an Asphalt and Paving company DO with a Fire truck?

We donated it. We donated it to local charities like the March of Dimes, who, in turn, auctioned off a “Ride to School on your Birthday” to raise money. Or we donated it to local schools, to do the same. We drove in local parades to celebrate America, Veterans, Laborers and small towns. Donating that fire truck was just one part of what Macadam does to give back to our community and support the causes we believe in.

We believe in a lot. In addition to our Fire-truck excursions, Macadam Company, Inc. donates to over 40 community and charitable organizations annually. Organizations that mean something to us, like the Parkinson’s Foundation and Milestones for Megan. Through our donations, we support Wounded Veterans, education, cancer research, the cure and prevention of kidney disease, and the Police. We help prevent heart disease and strokes through our support of the American Heart Association; we support local communities through Turkey Trots, and youth sports through our sponsorships of lacrosse tournaments.

But that’s not all. Our employees are involved coaches, leaders, volunteers, educators, sponsors, grandparents and parents. All who actively give back to their special cause in some size, shape or way, and that makes sense to us.

We sold the fire-truck to a good friend. Macadam has outgrown our storage space, and we wanted to place it with new owners who will love it like we did. It served us well, and we’re proud to have had the chance to bring some joy to those who, (like Mark), love fire engines.