Macadam Company Inc.

How do you become the preferred asphalt contractor in the Mid-Atlantic Region? Through honest work, attention to detail, exceptional customer service and respectful partnerships with your clients.

Commercial Paving Experts

Working with Macadam Company increases the value of any property.


Macadam can repair or replace your damaged or weathered sidewalks and curbs.
For over 30 years, Macadam Company has been the preferred asphalt and concrete contractor in the Mid-Altlantic Region. Macadam is uniquely qualified to complete any size pavement maintenance project from start to finish, including evaluation, development, and pavement maintenance plans.

Asphalt Paving

Resurfacing, milling, partial and full depth reconstruction, parking lot additions, ADA compliant solutions


Storm water inlet repair and installation, pipe work, sub-surface drains, trench drains

Sealcoating & Cracksealing

Spray and squeegee applications of high quality commercial sealers, hot-pour DOT approved rubberized crack sealants


Sidewalks,curbing, dumpster, dolly pads, staircases, ramps, pipe bollards, ADA compliant solutions

Asphalt Repairs

Partial and full-depth repairs, potholes, sub-base excavation and fabric stabilization.

Line Striping

Parking stalls, roadway markings, stenciling, signage, ADA compliant solutions